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Presentation Guidelines

Please check the program page for the time slot of your presentation. Each presentation is 20 mins long with 15 mins talk and 5 mins Q&A. If you haven't done so, please fill the presenter preference so that we can accommodate with time you prefer.

You have the option of upload a prerecorded video for the 15 mins talk as a backup of your presentation. However, you are still required to join the zoom meeting and answer questions.


Instruction on uploading the video: we will handle only
one type of video file (MPEG4). Please, make sure you generate a high-quality MPEG4 video recording with slides and picture-in-picture window with the presenter speaking. It is your responsibility to ensure video and audio quality on your final recording. 


Please upload slides and video (if you choose to prerecord as a backup) at the link provided when you register. 

Live conference link will be sent to all presenters and attendees on or before 10/20.

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