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End to End Quality of Service in Networked Cloud Storage

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Krishna Kant

Computer and Information Science Department

Temple University


Nearly all storage inside a cloud infrastructure is networked and continues to evolve rapidly in terms of device technology, access protocols, and requirements of the applications. Newer storage and persistent memory technologies place considerable stress on the network, yet many applications increasingly demand both low and deterministic IO delays. This talk will first provide an overview of emerging storage technologies, access protocols, and application needs. It will then discuss the challenges in ensuring the end-to-end quality of service in networked storage and some solutions based on our ongoing work in the area.


Krishna Kant is currently a professor in the Computer and Information Science Department at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA where he directs the IUCRC center on Intelligent Storage. Earlier he was a research professor in the Center for Secure Information Systems (CSIS) at George Mason University. From 2008-2013 he served as a program director at NSF where he managed the computer systems research (CSR) program and was instrumental in the development and running of NSF-wide sustainability initiative called SEES (science, engineering and education for sustainability). Prior to NSF, he served in industry for 18 years (at Intel, Bellcore, and Bell Labs) and 10 years in academia (at Penn State and Northwestern Univ.). He received his Ph.D. degree in Mathematical Sciences from University of Texas at Dallas in 1981. He carries a combined 35 years of experience in academia, industry, and government. He has published in a wide variety of areas in computer science, authored a graduate textbook on performance modeling of computer systems. His research interests span a wide range including energy efficiency, resilience and security in cyber and cyberphysical systems.  He is a Fellow of IEEE.

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