Special Session

The Application of AI in a Real-world Context
Oct 22, 2021 12:30 - 3:00 pm


Prashant Natarajan
VP of Product, H2O.ai

Digital Transformation in Health & Wellness: the role of AI/ML

C-to-E trends, personalization, COVID, and other trends in individual and population health are redefining engagement, business processes, and digital transformation in our industry. Underlying several of these opportunities and transformation initiatives are data, cloud, analytics, and AI/ML. 


These opportunities are many - and span the entire enterprise. Digital transformation successes are increasingly seeing AI & ML at their core across multiple enterprise teams and functions. In this presentation, we will review best practices (from the trenches and executive lens both), across verticals, and value streams. We will also examine how first movers and leaders are re/defining value and scaling innovation success with AI products at the core. 

Prashant is the Vice President of Products at H2O.ai, an Honorary Co-Faculty Instructor at the Stanford University, and member of the Forbes Technology Council. Prashant is actively driving the democratization of AI in the healthcare sector for H2O.ai.


Travis Couture
Sr. Solutions Engineer, H2O.ai

Democratizing AI with H2O.ai Cloud


AI is a complex topic and requires several technical & analytical elements to be successful in creating value for organizations. Connecting the dots in Data Strategy, Model Training, Model Deployment, Model Monitoring and the consumption of Models in a domain specific environment is key for successful AI integration. Travis is presenting H2O.ai Cloud, which is providing that full pipeline.

Travis is a Senior Solutions Engineer at H2O.ai. He holds a Masters in Bioinformatics and is enabling customers with Cloud and AI technology globally.


Michael Proksch, PhD
Sr. Director, H2O.ai 

Current and Future Challenges of AI for Business Value Creation


While AI technology has been available to enable corporations to apply and use AI, there are further challenges that lead to low return on investments.


What are those challenges and how can we overcome those hurdles? Michael is speaking to those challenges and provides unique insights from a practical perspective.

Michael is proving guidance on AI strategy and implementation to companies in the insurance and finance sector as Senior Director at H2O.ai. He holds a PhD in Economics and is successfully driving value creation with AI solutions.